Danny Gold 

A tall  redhead with tattoos I embody the idea of California chill. 

As an  incense burner and crystal collector –

I believe in my own self growth as much as I believe in yours.  

Come- be fully present with me for a spell, an hour, a day or more

and discover the. depths of mine and your sensuality. 

Treat yourself to the luxury of sexual self care. 

What I Do

Escort, Adult Performer, Magic Maker 

I utilize mind-body connection to make all of my dates fulfilling and enlightening, whether they are wild and psychedelic to meditative and sensual.

Lean in to your desires and allow me to guide you.

I believe mindful indulgence is the best type of self-care.

We know our true selves when we allow our animal instincts to combine with our highest intellect.

My philosophy

  Every journey worth taking – is worth taking well. 

My Approach

I meld a mind + body approach to create a fully customized erotic experience. 

In this space, you can embrace and explore your highest self, along with all the darkness and light that comes with it.

Learn to be present and achieve ultimate satisfaction.

Or simply enjoy the most pleasurable and exciting time of your life.

Danny Gold