Hello New Visitor!!!

To ensure we have the best possible time together, please be aware of the following guidelines for our appointment!


Due to the fact that I am lactating, I require grooming upon arrival to lower potential risks to my health! There are no exceptions to this, please understand. As soon as you arrive, please plan to shower AND rinse with mouthwash. Supplies are provided, but you are welcome to bring your own.

Donations and Gifts:

During your shower, please leave any gifts of gratitude in the bathroom for my approval!

Extended Visits:

Also due to the fact that I am lactating, I burn a lot of calories! Any dates over 3 hours will require brief snack breaks, which we will enjoy as part of our time together! I will provide for us unless you care to do the honors! I favor lovers who feed me treats 😉


Add-ons will not be accommodated last minute! Please review my add-ons to see if you’d like to book a special request during our time together.

Thank you for understanding these guidelines to help ensure I can provide the most comfortable time together.

By now my assistant has added you to my calendar and I’ve reviewed your requests, and I’m already imagining how best I can drive you wild! 🙂


Lola Luscious

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