Personal Appointments



FMTY: Fly me to you in the US $4000(16hrs overnight) minimum plus airfare and hotel

Destinations: $4000/day for FMTY dates with an agreed-upon romantic or exciting destination for our mutual relaxation. 

Duo Travel Companions: For any FMTY package overnight or longer, I occasionally offer specials with other providers and personal partners whom I enjoy traveling with. Please inquire about current offerings.

FMTY Special Destinations
  • Chicago, New York : $2000 minimum plus airfare
  • Las Vegas, Southern California : $2000 minimum 
  • Northern California: $2500 minimum

If these packages do not appeal to your interests please visit my Newsletter to sign up to be notified of my tour dates!



The Sexpert Singles Coach

$1000: This is a great experience for those who are not sexually experienced, recently exiting a long term relationship, curious about a new fetish or sensual practice, or simply want to become a better lover for any reason!

This experience begins with comfort-building and exploration through conversation and discussing history and goals. This is different in that it is far more instructional and clinical than a GFE experience. In this session, we have a goal in mind: skill building! Have your questions and notes written down, because private sensuality class is in session! You will have a chance to practice and explore first-hand with an experienced sexpert! Toys and light fetishes are included in this experience. 

Approximately two hours, add-on hours are $400/hr.


The Unicorn Couple’s Coach

$2000: With this package, our evening will begin with two hours of private dinner and refreshments of your choice, while you share with me your relationship history and tidbits about your sensual journey, as well as your goals for the evening. Then, we will partake in two hours of pleasure exploration. 

I pride myself in my ability to bring couples closer together, acting as the rare and magickal “Unicorn” with a professional twist. Ditch tinder and invest in a muse to help you and your lover navigate your fantasies of enjoying a third, while also learning from a professional relationship advisor on how to better connect and communicate with your lover. I’m pansexual and polyamorous, and sensitive to the challenges in exploring a third lover. Allow me to guide you through this enlightening expansion! Approximately four hours total.


The Nude Chef

$2000: As a classically trained ex-chef, I am always thrilled to cook for my visitors. With this package, we will first discuss a menu to your liking. Then, I will arrange a grocery delivery before our date with all of the necessary ingredients (your treat via Amazon gift card for Whole Foods delivery), or you will retrieve the ingredients yourself. Upon arrival, I will cook us a gourmet meal to enjoy together before retreating to other indulgences.

After about two hours of cooking and dining, we will enjoy two hours of having each other for dessert! Approximately four hours total.

The Plant Medicine Spiritual Guide

$3000: I have been gifted with an incredibly sharp psychic intuition that allows me to discover and sense deep desires, secrets, and needs in those who wish to explore such things. If you’re interested in psychedelic sensual exploration, or seek to uncover deep truths within yourself, I’m honored to be your guide.

This package includes an initial phone consultation to discuss your journey goals and questions you may have. Once I arrive, we will begin with setting our environment. I’ll bring the essentials to cultivate a soothing and spiritually welcoming environment to explore deep sensuality and awareness, including herbs and supplements, incense, essential oils, crystals, massage oils, toys, and more.

Once we have become comfortable and familiar with each other, we will utilize the tools and medicines I have supplied us to open your mind and align your chakras and release energy to your comfort level.

This experience can range from light hearted and playful, to intensely cathartic. You are in control of how deeply you’d like to explore, and I’m your guide to connect to the universe. This experience is around 6 hours long. An upgrade to overnight is an additional $1000.

The Dinner Date

$1600: Experience a typical dinner date with a seasoned dating expert. This is a wonderful replacement for random dates and meetups. I am a wealth of knowledge to the curious sensual explorer, and happy to share my experiences over a delicious meal. A fine dining experience, your treat, as well as two hours at your private location for dessert! Time added free of charge for those who enjoy generous shopping time!

The Cabana Candy

$2000: I’m a huge fan of posh pool settings with delicious food and vibrant atmosphere. Book a cabana for the day and allow me to join you for hours of fun in the sun, followed by two hours of private time in your room! 

The Nature Enthusiast

$2000: Take me on a hike or to the beach or anywhere that we can adventure in nature. I’ve created this experience with an approximately 3 hour hike in mind, as well as two hours of intimate time – whether in the seclusion of nature or back in civilization! I come equipped with gear for us both!

The Private Party Host

$3000+: For those who like a wild night, I’m more than qualified to bring the energy! I’m happy to be your personal sexy party host, supplying all accoutrements for a wet and wild evening together up to 6 hours. This experience includes add-ons such as kink and light filming. 

Additional time: $400/hr | Additional Guests: $100/hr women or trans folks, $200/hr men. Other providers at their rate.

The Pornstar Experience

$1400: Experience what it is like to be a content creator for a day. This package will involve a professional setup with lights and camera for a hardcore PSE experience to create quality content! You may sign a release for the content to be used by me, or pay a fee of $300 for the content to remain for your eyes only. This experience will also include an edited final copy of the film! Approximately two hours total.