Reference Requests

For Providers

Please do not hesitate to contact me to verify a visitor. I will always provide as much information as possible. I am usually able to respond very quickly, but please do not take anyone’s word until you have heard from me!

Client Verification Request

For Visitors

I am happy to provide a reference once we have seen each other, should you wish to visit another provider. I do not have any limitations on providers I am willing to speak with as long as they are easily searchable. I also do not require that you gain my approval beforehand. This is your hobby and I encourage exploration. Please never hesitate to use me as a reference!

Do keep in mind that I handle my references with integrity and will disclose only pertinent information. Please do not ever attempt to give another provider false information about me or our visit.


Be safe, Ladies!

For additional screening, please check out — a very useful resource!